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Fine Cast as a group company houses 500+ workforce including Administrative staff, Engineering staff, skilled labor. Each one is experienced and in most cases associated with the company since years. Our history of 40 years has earned the company with trust, hard work and entrepreneurship of all our people.

Located in the state of Gujarat, one of India’s leading industrial states. India has become a hub for procurement of castings and other engineered materials for countries in USA, Europe and Middle East. Skilled, Efficient workforce is always at our disposal at a very lower rates due to a large currency rate difference. Expansion is always around the corner with favorable export policies of the Indian government. Benefits of lower taxes and easy availability of manpower makes us one your best choice.

We at Fine Cast believe in commitments we make to our customers of quality and service. Each casting is made with best efforts.

Some of the key people associated with the company:

Mr. Bhupendra H Shah
Mr. Nalin H Shah
Mr. Vishal R Shah
Mr. Nirav B Shah
Mr. Chirag B Shah
Mr. Jay N Shah

Administrative Executives:

Mr. Taral  Naik
Mr. Rajesh Shah
Mr. Prakash Patel
Mr. Vijay Desai
Mr. Mahesh Shah
Mr. Sameer Desai



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