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Super Cast, one of the group companies has the following list of machinery & equipments available to its disposal at all times. Additionally as per the requirements, we hire or lease more equipment and machinery incase of access requirement. We have various agencies providing reliable services at all times.

List Of Foundry Machineries At SUPER CAST


Cupola 24" ID 1
Sand Mixer 800Kgs 1
Sand Mixer 200Kgs 2
Shot Blasting Mach.48" 1
WHPL 1 Mould.Mach. 2
WHPL 3 Mould.Mach. 1
2 Ton Overhead Crane 1
Air Compressor 15T (IR) 2
D.G.Set (50kv) 1
Flexible & Swing Grinders 2
Pneumatic Grinders 3
Pedestal Grinders 2

List of Testing & Inspection Equipment at SUPER CAST


Brinnel Hardness Tester(Blue Star) 1
Poldi for Hardness 1
Temp Stick (Ajay Syscon) 1
Ferro Lab( Suyash Enterprise) 1
Bore Dial Gauges
All Types of Gauges related to pulleys

List of Machineries at SUPER CAST Machine Shop


Lathe 14" Centre 2
Lathe 16" Centre 2
Lathe 12" Centre 3
Lathe 18" Centre 1
Lathe 26" Centre 1
Slotting Machine 1
Drilling Machine 2
Static Balancing Machine 1
Dynamic Balancing Machine upto 1ton FIE 1


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